ZAMREN is a National Research and Education Network (NREN) that started its operation in 2012 and has grown to become one of the leading Internet Service Provider and ICT solutions for Higher Education and Public Research Institutions in Zambia. A national Research and Education Network (NREN) is a specialized ICT provider that exists in a country to provide internet and advanced ICT services to the country’s research and educational institutions on a non-profit basis. Bona-fide NRENs enjoy recognition within their own countries and within the body of NRENs worldwide. This recognition enables them to enter into special inter-connection agreements with other NRENs worldwide, usually through the mediation of Regional Research and Education Network. Our passion for equitable access to education and research resources, and approach for technical ICT capacity building in our member institutions, makes us radically different from other Internet Service Providers. Our growth has been founded on strong relationships with local education and research institutes, access to regional and international research and education networks and professional expertise in ICT

NRENs in Europe are the role models for collaborative networking between and for universities and research institutions of Africa. Most European NRENs and some African NRENs for example TENET in South Africa, TERNET in Tanzania, MoaRENet in Mozambique and RwEdnet in Rwanda receive substantial funding from their governments.

The main role of ZAMREN is to provide an inter-institutional connectivity in terms of a National Research and Education Network (NREN), and to connect it to the Regional Research and Education Network (RREN) in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa, UbuntuNet Alliance, thereby extending ZAMREN to other National Research and Education Networks in Africa and to the rest of the world.

Our Motto

Our Motto “Our motto underscores our drive for global connectivity and access to research and education resources for human capacity development and innovation”

Vision Statement

““A leading and eminent provider of innovation ICT infrastructure and services to Education and research Institutions innovation” This will serve as a guiding image of inspiration”

Mission Statement

“To provide a secure, affordable and quality national digital infrastructure and services for Research and Education for social and economic development”

Corporate Values

Excellence: providing service at supreme quality.
Accessibility: value centred, stakeholder focused and cost effective.
Teamwork: unity of purpose and commitment. Innovation: creative, dynamic and being adaptable.
Integrity: Consistent, moral ethical standards and fairness

ZAMREN is specifically for research and Education institutions and so it constantly seeks to pursue and provide other services to institutions that can not be commercially provided by commercial ISPs. Research and Education Networks are becoming an integral part of many countries in Africa , all with a promise to support academics and researchers in an environment that has become increasingly dependent on ICT services and infrastructure. As for academics and researchers, this is paramount as their core activities demands access to and analysis of vast amount of data.
Universities and education systems in general are undergoing massive transformations. Engagements with and among students and cohorts, design, development, delivery and assessment of programs are all changing largely due to rapid enhancements in ICT. Through its network and services, ZAMREN will play its role to enable policy makers, administrators and academics to take advantage of these transformations and inspire academic excellency and research

The objectives of ZAMREN are to:

1. Secure cost effective broadband connectivity to all member institutions (inter-institutional connectivity), dedicated global research and education resources (Regional networks) and the internet;

2. Share their education resources via this dedicated infrastructure of ZAMREN; and

3. Provide Advanced ICT services to its member institutions.


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