Zambia Research and Education Network has three levels of governance, namely Annual General Meeting (AGM), ZAMREN Board and ZAMREN Management.

Role of the AGM:

The AGM is the top decision-making body that must sustain the Member Institution's collective will to collaborate within Zambia. It shall consist of Institutional Heads of all ZAMREN member institutions.

The AGM will provide means to elect, or appoint members of the ZAMREN Board

Role of ZAMREN Board:

The Board is charged with the task of developing policies that adequately promote the values of ZAMREN and also ensures that all interaction with the wider community is conducted in a manner that is in line with current by-laws. The Board will also provide direction in suggesting amendments to the by-laws for ZAMREN, with the purpose of enhancing the ability of the organization to meet the stated goals and objectives.

The Board shall ensure that the core values and purposes of the association are reflected in ZAMREN's operation processes.
The Board shall oversee the operations of ZAMREN under ZAMREN CEO to ensure organization viability and sustainability. The board shall appoint ZAMREN CEO to ensure organisation viability and sustainability. In addition to this, the board shall appoint the Chief Executive Officer and other members of ZAMREN management staff

The Board shall constitute the appointed members from the Council of Representatives plus senior representatives from Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication, Ministry of Education, Science Vocation Training, ZESCO, ZICTA and any other two organizations from the Private Sector, that the board may decide.
The Board members do not represent their individual institutions, but the interests of ZAMREN. The ZAMREN CEO shall sit on the Board as Secretariat.
The Chairperson of the Board shall be a Vice Chancellor of a Public University of a ZAMREN Member Institution. The Chairperson will serve for a term of two years and can be re-elected after end of term.

Management Structure:

ZAMREN management structure comprise three departments namely; Administration, Finance and Operations. the day to day operations of the Institution are overseen by the Chief Executive Officer.

Current ZAMREN Board Members are;

Prof. Hellicy Ng'ambi Mulungushi University Board Chairperson
Prof. Pinalo Chifwanakeni UNILUS Board Vice Chairperson
Mr Patrick Mutimushi ZICTA Member
Prof. Naison Ngoma CBU Member
Mr. Simon Muwowo ZESCO TREC Committee Chairperson
Prof. Luke Mumba UNZA Member
Dr. Alick Muvundika NISIR Risk & Audit Committee Chairperson
Dr. Pardon Mwansa Rusangu Member
Dr Alvert N. Ng'andu ZCAS Finance & Admin Committee Chairperson
Mr. Ronald Hatoongo UNZA Board Secretary
Dr. Robert Janz Advisor to the Board
Mr. Bonny Khunga ZAMREN Member